Toor Dal / Thuvaram Paruppu 500g

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Toor Dal
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  •   Very good source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat.
  •   Rich source of vitamins and Minerals
  •   It contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, Potassium, Magnesium,        and Iron.
  •  It can also be used to prepare khichadi, Prepare sambar,cook idli,  khichdi,  multi dal chilla, dosa, moong dal vada etc.
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Toor Dal

Toor dal or Pigeon peas have many different names also called Arhar dal in Hindi. It is rich in proteins and fibers good nutrition for vegetarians.

Toor dal (the seeds), its plants, and leaves may be used to prepare tea, which might help for soothing infection and blood problems. The tea of its flower may be beneficial for upper respiration infections and pain.

Toor dal tea the use of leaves may additionally help to conquer anemia, yellow fever, cough, fever, urinary tract infections, and ulcers.

It has various health benefits like:

Hypolipidemic activity
Anti-diabetic properties
Anti-inflammatory properties
Antioxidant properties
Good for liver health
Anti-hypertensive in nature
Anti-obesity activity

Healthy Uses Of Toor Dal

1. Wound Healing

Toor dal has anti-inflammatory properties which assist to reduce infection inside the wounded tissue and turn on tissue formation. Accordingly, it enables the re-modeling of tissue.

2. Promotes Iron Stores

The richness of iron and folate in toor dal, the vital vitamins play an essential position in correcting iron deficiency anemia and pumping iron levels. Toor dal is loaded with Folic acid and promotes fetal growth and brain improvement.

3. For diabetics and cholesterol

Toor dal is rich in protein that prevents type 2 diabetes. Toor dal can decrease blood sugar and cholesterol. It can able to decrease bad cholesterol because of its antioxidant activity and high fiber content.

4. Toor Dal for Malaria

The leaves of toor dal consist of a thing referred to as chalcone. Chalcone is an active compound that has anti-malarial benefits to deal with jaundice. As a consequence, toor dal can be useful as an anti-malarial agent.

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