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  • Herbal Shikakai Powder is an age-old herb that contains many remedial qualities.
  • Primarily used to improve hair health & contains mild pH qualities which gently clean the hair without stripping it of natural oils.
  • Highly recommended for people with dandruff issues and it helps improve hair growth & strengthens hair roots.

INGREDIENTS: Shikkakai, Fenugreek / Vendhayam, Mung Bean / Pasi Paruppu, Soapnut / Boondi Kottai, Avarampoo, Arappu, Vetiver, Hibiscus Dry Flower, Raw Rice.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon powder with a little water to form a paste.
  • Massage the hair and scalp using this paste and rinse well with water. EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse your eyes with water.
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months


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The herbal shikakai powder is a multipurpose product that was used as an anti-dandruff agent, natural conditioner, and hair care. Used to clean the scalp of dead cells & other impurities. Shikakai powder is also known as seeyakai powder which is made from the shikakai fruit of the Acacia concinna plant which is 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Specially packed and processed using the traditional method. The dry shikakai powder can be easily mixed with water, honey, yogurt, or any other medium to become a paste.

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Shikakai has been used for hair care in India for 100 years. The pods, leaves, and the bark of the shikakai tree are a rich supply of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K.

It could be used within the shape of shampoo to ease hair, utilized in making hair oil, and at the same time as a hair, mask to nourish the hair and assist it to develop speedily.

How do we use it? Do you want to know how we will make shikakai shampoo, hair oil, or hair masks at home? Right here is an article to help you teach methods in which you may make hair products through this marvel shrub.

What makes our herbal shikakai powder best?

According to Siddha & Ayurvedic literature, excess body heat could cause problems like headaches, lack of proper sleep, hair fall, etc. The shikakai powder is an effective bathing powder that contains an aromatic blend of flowers & leaves (Reetha) from natural herbs.

The traditional routine of an oil bath in a week or twice a week with shikakai powder helps you cool your body and reduce hair fall due to hair breakage. This has been tested by Siddha & Ayurvedic physicians for safety and effectiveness.

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Technical Details

Product Name:Herbal Shikakai Powder
Quantity:150 g
GST / Tax:150.00 (Price Inclusive of all Taxes)
Ingredient Type:Vegetarian
Specialty:No Preservatives, No Genetic Engineering
Place of Origin:Madurai, TamilNadu - India
Storage Instructions:Store in a cool & dry place
Package Information:Wrapped in Carton Box with Zero Breakage
Maximum Shelf Life:12 Months

Additional Information

Added Preservatives:No

Vernacular Names/Meaning

Scientific Name:Acacia Concinna/ Senegalia rugata
In English:Soap pod / Shikakai
In Tamil:Seeyakai
In Malayalam:Cheeyakayi
In Telugu:Sikakai
In Kannada:Seege kaayi
In Hindi:Shikakai powder
In Konkani:Sege kayi
In Marathi:Senegalia

What are Shikakai & its Natural Properties?

Pod or acacia concinna is a climber with thorny, brown branches. The plant is full of vitamins and anti-oxidants which complements hair boom and a lustrous mane. Attributable to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it may be used for medicinal functions on wounds and skin problems.

Shikakai Benefits for Hair

It is a famous truth that shikakai is an age-old remedy for hair associated problems but it has different benefits too. Allow us to discover its several therapeutic benefits and makes use of:

1. Hair Growth

The natural remedy of shikakai for hair growth has been coming down for a while. This powder while combined with henna powder and yogurt adds sheen to your hair and additionally aids hair growth.

2. Cleaner

It acts as a hair cleanser. Although it does not work up a wealthy lather, it cleans your hair efficiently with no harsh results to the hair or scalp.

3. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties prevent lice, dandruff, or skin issues like scabies, psoriasis, and eczema from occurring. It can also be used as an antiseptic to heal wounds.

4. Heal Wounds

While pod paste combined with turmeric paste is carried out to cuts and bruises, it receives cured.

5. Anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants restore damaged hair and stops split ends. It additionally stops hair from getting rough and coarse.

6. Controls Hair Fall

The vitamins and anti-oxidants prevent hair loss and as a result, treatment options for balding too.

Shikakai benefits for hairs


7. Use In Making Detergents

Due to the presence of saponins, it’s far used as an element to make detergents, and furthermore being an amazing purifier can correctly be used for cleaning purposes.

The water utilized in boiling shikakai and reetha collectively may be used to scrub sensitive fabric and remove solid stain marks.

8. Use For Accurate Oral Health

The natural benefits of shikakai are not only for hair and pores and skin. Rinsing the mouth frequently with shikakai in lukewarm water aids top oral health.

It similarly therapies gum diseases and forestalls bad breath and constructing up of plaque. Gargling with shikakai and heat water can treat tonsillitis and throat infection.

9. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Taking shikakai powder regulates normal blood sugar levels. It neither allows the blood sugar level to lower nor grow thereby maintaining it balanced.

10. Cures Diseases

Other than the skin and oral diseases, shikakai helps therapy black fever (during malaria) and jaundice. When the pods of the shikakai are powdered and applied over leprosy affected area, it could cure the feared disorder.

Methods you can use Shikakai in Daily Hair Care

Shikakai has constantly been a treasured useful resource in terms of hair care and is no longer without any cause. It is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, multi-vitamins and has anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties which make it a remedial solution for hair care.

Even though it may be used for several other purposes like skincare, oral hygiene, cleansing promoters, and drugs, shikakai is nice recognized for hair care.

Indexed under are numerous approaches wherein you can make exclusive varieties of hair care products using the marvel plant.

1. DIY Shikakai Shampoo

Shikakai is said to be the best purifier, and so is reetha. While you add amla and fenugreek seeds to these components, it makes for an excellent shampoo enriched with anti-oxidants, micronutrients, and nutrients. For this reason, this shikakai shampoo for hair loss is the last DIY shampoo that could very without difficulty be made at home.


Shikakai – 8 pods
Reetha – 12 seeds
Amla (dry) – 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbsp.
Water – 1 big bowl


  • De-seed the reetha.
  • Then soak all of the components together in a massive bowl for an evening.
  • The next morning, boil all the components collectively alongside the water that they were soaked in.
  • As soon as the ingredients turn out to be gentle, switch off the range and hold it to chill.
  • After it cools down, stress the liquid and use it to scrub hair.
  • In the case of hair which has been oiled, you need to boil the ingredients till the liquid turns very thick and turns darkish brown. And if it’s far only a normal hair wash without any oil in the hair, your liquid consistency can be saved thin.
  • Amla and fenugreek seeds condition and moisturizes the hair. Consequently, it’s miles important to include those two in conjunction with reetha and shikakai for better effects.

How often to apply

This natural concoction shampoo may be used as according to requirement. But, it should be used at least once every week for true consequences.

2. Shikakai oil

The natural oil blend of shikakai along side almond and coconut work will work wonders on your hair. Almond and coconut oil prepare nourish the hair and the scalp ensuing in hair growth. Shikakai, alternatively, acts as a conditioner and uploads shine and luster to the hair.


Almond oil – 1 cup
Coconut oil – 2 cups
Shikakai powder – 2 -3 tbsp.
1 smooth and dry glass bottle (to hold the oil)


  • Add all of the components together within the glass bottle.
  • Shake it regularly.
  • Then let it sit down for 7 – 10 days in a groovy vicinity.

How often to apply

The oil may be used as according to requirement. However, using it 2 -3 times every week of having rid of hair woes.

3. Shikakai Hair Packs

Have you ever ever skilled awful hair days? Are you scared that in the future you may turn out to be bald with the alarming velocity in which your hair is falling? Are you greying earlier than your age? In case you are down with hair troubles, strive out the do-it-your self shikakai hair packs listed below.

Shikakai and Curd Paste

This shikakai hair masks has a host of advantages. It helps to nourish and moisturise the hair. The mask which contains curd is a rich supply of top micro organism which assist to prevent dandruff and skin problems inside the scalp.

To prepare this mask, take 1 tablespoon every of shikakai powder, amla powder, olive/coconut/almond oil and a cup of curd. Blend the whole lot nicely and keep it aside for an hour or so.

Practice it for your hair and scalp. Maintain it for an hour or until it dries. Then wash it off.

To get an amazing result, you need to apply this masks as soon as per week or as soon as in 15 days. In the case of long hair, you may add extra to every of the components.

Dry Hair

This remedial answer of shikakai for dry hair together with amla and fenugreek is an amazing ayurvedic persent. The anti-oxidants of shikakai and amla assist fight hair harm. Fenugreek provides greater nourishment to the hair and makes it more potential.

Make a paste of the components put together with a little lukewarm water. Maintain it aside for some time after which apply it in your hair. As soon as the pack dries up, wash your hair.

Applying this amount every trade day or twice every week can assist your dry, frizzy tresses turn out to be brilliant and clean.

Anti-Gray Hair Pack

An wonderful percent made from shikakai for gray hair blended with henna powder, amla powder, curry leaf powder and hibiscus flower works wonders for premature greying of hair.

Henna is a herbal colouring agent does no harm to the hair follicles, and on the other hand, shikakai and amla being rich in antioxidants save you hair harm and nourish it. Curry leaves and hibiscus each prevents the hair from greying earlier than time.

To make this paste, you want to take approximately 1/4th cup of amla powder, ½ cup of henna powder, a paste of 5-6 fresh hibiscus plant life, 1/4th cup of clean curry leaf. Blend it all with a touch black brewed tea.

You can practice this once every week or as soon as in 15 days. However, keep away from the use of too much henna powder when you consider that overusing it is able to dry up your hair.

Hair Fall Treatment

Shikakai for hair fall is an extraordinary remedy. Consequently this with shikakai, amla, reetha and eggs is the go-to solution for hair fall.

To put together this percent, blend 2 tbsp every of shikakai, amla and reetha (all in powder shape) with 2 eggs, juice of 2-3 lemons and a touch lukewarm water. Then follow it after preserving it apart for 1/2 an hour. Once dry, wash it off.

Apply the pack each trade day or two times per week to stop hair fall.


The primary components on this percent are shikakai and neem which have anti-microbial properties. This prevents dandruff and dry scalp.

Make a paste with 2 tbsp every of neem leaf powder, shikakai powder and reetha powder collectively with a little water. Follow it at the scalp and hair. As soon as dry, wash it off. Use this percent a few times a week.

How to Make Shikakai Powder?

Shikakai powder

Now that you had been informed a way to use shikakai powder for hair washes let us discover ways to make shikakai powder.

  • Dry the shikakai pods in the sun. You may dry the bark of shikakai plant and also leaves when you have them.
  • Once it’s miles absolutely sun-dried, grind the pods (and the bark and leaves) together in a grinder to make a nice powder.
  • There are lots of branded hair products within the marketplace. However, nothing can healthy the goodness of natural products like shikakai. Strive it, and you’ll by no means use any other element.

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