Reward Policy for Standard Cold Pressed Oil

Introducing Reward Points Policy

Standard Cold Pressed Oil happy to announce its Reward Points Policy. We are subjugated to meet the customer satisfaction and their best experience. Our reward points are for all types of people who wants to make the best benefit of its.

How can I earn Reward Points?

See the below opportunities that show's how to earn reward points. Follow these simple steps to collect your Points:

  1. Earn 25 points [₹25] for Sign Up with Us
  2. Earn 10 points [₹10] for Writing a Product Review on Website and same for Facebook
  3. Earn 10 points [₹10] for every ₹1000 Spent for Your Order
  4. Earn 15 points [₹15] for Facebook & Instagram Page Like, Share & Follow
  5. Earn 15 points [₹15] for Youtube Subscribe
  6. Earn 10 points [₹10] for saving a Pin into Pinterest
  7. Earn 150 points [₹150] When Any of Your Referral Friends Placed Order in the Store
  8. Earn 250 Points [₹250] When You Write a Post about Our Products from Your own Blog
  9. Earn 250 Points [₹250] When You Publish a Youtube Video Using Our Products

How can I spend Reward Points?

  1. Spending your Reward points is easy! You can spend points on any products that you buy during checkout.

  2. All your points will automatically be converted to Rupee: 1 point = ₹1

Important notes:

  1. You can spend reward points maximum of 30% of your CART amount. The remaining rewards points can be used in your NEXT ORDERS.

  2. Unused points expire 60 days after being rewarded. If you have any queries regarding this reward program, write to us on [email protected]

  3. Standard Cold Pressed Oil reserves the rights to edit, change, update and remove reward program at any time.

  4. Go to My Account -> Reward Points to view your reward point balance at any time. Explore the opportunities to earn reward points on this page.