Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 3 Litres

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Coconut Cold Pressed Oil / Thengai Ennai – 100% Pure & Unrefined Chekku/Ghani Oil – Rich in Auric Acid, Increases Metabolism, Kills Candida Fungus, Promotes Weight Loss & Preserves Muscle Mass – 3 Litres

Amazing Benefits:

  • Helps to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Helps to Improves Memory.
  • Coconut Oil Can Protect Organ Function.
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months.
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cold-pressed coconut oil india

Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted from dry coconut copras by cold-pressing method. Cold pressing is a mechanical process of extracting oil from oil seeds at room temperature in a traditional way without adding any chemicals, preservatives and any external heat.

Cold pressed coconut oil is unbleached, unrefined and cold-pressed which has a fresh aroma of coconut copras. For cooking and dietary purpose, cold-pressed coconut oil is one of the healthiest cooking oil with numerous health benefits.

Coconut oil has been known as miracle ingredient of nature which could cure almost anything related to skin disorders.

Coconut oil cold pressed have remarkable health benefits. Our standard cold pressed coconut oil is high quality extraordinary coconut oil.

Cold-pressed coconut oil is recommended over refined coconut oil or RBD oil. RBD stands for refined, bleached, and deodorized. Processing of oils can remove and destroy nutrients.

The less processing of oils gives the higher nutrient content and the healthier as it is.

Technical Details

Product Name: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Quantity: 3 Litres
Price: 980.00
GST / Tax: 980.00 (Price Inclusive of all Taxes)
Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Cuisine: Indian
Specialty: No Preservatives, No Genetic Engineering
Brand: Standard
Country of Origin: Madurai, TamilNadu - India
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool & dry place
Item Package Quantity: 500ml / 1 Litre / 3 Litres / 5 Litres / 16.5 Litres (TIN)
Certification: FSSAI No 12419012000177
Form: Fresh
Caffeine Content: Caffeine Free
Serving Recommendation: Suitable for Cooking, To Treat Skin Disorders
Package Information: Wrapped in Carton Box with Zero Breakage
Maximum Shelf Life: 6 Months

Additional Information

Processing Type: Cold Pressed / Mara Chekku / Kachi Ghani / Wood Pressed
Added Preservatives: No
Ingredients: High Quality Coconut Copras
Highlights: 1. Unrefined, 100% Pure & 100% Natural
2. No Chemicals, No Heat Process, No Preservations
3. Oil Extracted by Traditional Method

Vernacular Names/Meaning

Scientific Name: Cocos Nucifera
In English: Coconut Oil
In Tamil: Thengaai Ennai
In Malayalam: Velichenna
In Telugu: Kobbari Nune
In Kannada: Thengina Yenna
In Hindi: Nariyala Tela


Cold pressed coconut oil is made from 100% top quality coconut copras without applying high heat or chemicals. The resulting product is less refined than RBD oil and retains more of its natural phytonutrients, which gives coconut its distinctive aroma and flavor. In RBD oil, all the phytonutrients have been removed so it is tasteless and odorless.


Pure coconut oil naturally has a high melting point. At 24 degrees C (76 degrees F) and lower it becomes solid, at higher temperatures it turns into a liquid.

High quality coconut oil should be snow white in color when it is solid and water clear when liquid. Discoloration is a sign of contamination or excessive heating during processing.

Contamination can be from mold or smoke residue. Smoke residue is caused by heating over a fire during processing to remove moisture from the oil. Some high quality extra virgin coconut oils use other advanced methods to remove moisture without heating the oil.

Color, Taste and Aroma

Cold pressed coconut oil has mild coconut smell and taste. If not, they have been highly refined. If they have no flavor they are essentially RBD oil, even if they did come from fresh coconut.

Some coconut oils have a very strong flavor or coconut smell. This usually indicates a poor quality oil because the smell and taste comes mainly from contaminates and not coconut. Beware of oils that do not taste and smell like fresh coconut.

It has distinctive fragrance which makes it perfect for numerous uses. One great thing of this particular oil is that it never requires refining, bleaching or deodorizing.

Coconut oil cold pressed that we serve is not processed or heated. You can use it for multiple purposes without fearing issues like harmful residues or solvents, preservatives, or strong chemicals. The natural benefits of the oil are not harmed and that’s why it’s served in purest natural form.

Uses and Health Benefits

1. World’s Healthiest Oil

Coconut oil has been known as miracle ingredient of nature which could cure almost anything. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil has distinctive fragrance which makes it perfect for numerous uses. One great thing of this particular oil is that it never requires refining, bleaching or deodorizing.

The Coconut Oil Cold Pressed that we serve is not processed or heated. You can use it for multiple purposes without fearing issues like harmful residues or solvents, preservatives, or strong chemicals. The natural benefits of the oil are not harmed and that’s why it’s served in purest natural form.

2. Safe Solution for Body

Coconut oil is nature’s blessing for human body. It’s totally safe and no issues would be faced when you buy and use cold pressed coconut oil. It’s not prepared by processed methods which are generally used for oils. This is why, this type of oil is best in terms of safety as no side effects would occur.

It could also be used in treatment of many allergies including the year old skin problems that are not cured.

When coconut oil is taken properly, advantages could be noticed in very less time. Since this item is natural, it’s safer and more effective than other chemical products. The oil is extracted in an organic way using traditional method.

3. Immunity Booster

Using cold pressed coconut oil on frequent basis can definitely make your immune system better. Coconut oil has some really efficient properties like antibacterial that can safeguard body from any disease.

Making body free of any disease and discomfort is now possible because of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. The method of obtaining cold pressed oil is distinct and it’s made in way that oil’s nutritious properties are maintained. Coconut oil can make the stomach functioning better and help in much faster and better digestion.

Presence of Antimicrobial Properties is so effective that it protects you from measles herpes, influenza and other common diseases. It kills the harmful bacteria and saves body from sickness which is caused due to these.

4. Helpful in Weight Loss

Too many people are worried for health because they are unable to control weight. This triggers hundred other problems that can lead to severe health issues in long term. But those who use the Cold Pressed Oil would see that weight loss is actually easily possible because of this oil.

This oil has the least chances of getting stored in the fatty tissues of body. This is why it gets utilized faster and is the ultimate energy booster. Coconut oil in this form can promote metabolic rates and could help you to lose weight according to your wish.

When women use this, they can see changes in their abdominal area and fat gets reduced faster. The belly and abdominal area are prominent parts where body fat gets stored and is hard to deal with. But with this oil, it’s effectively possible to push fat out of these body parts.

5. Multiple Health Benefits of Coocnut Oil

This is very distinct from the usual coconut oil which provides multiple benefits in comparison. When you use the oil regularly or frequently you can enjoy various benefits like:

  • Protects Heart: Controls blood pressure, saves from disease and converts harmful cholesterol into healthy.
  • Cancer Preventive Item: Cold Pressed Oil saves user from deadly cancer.  
  • Enhance Digestive Process: Helps to absorb calcium, soluble vitamins.
  • Healthy Kidneys: Heals infections by curing the kidneys and urinary system.
  • Boosts Immunity: Fights bacteria and viruses to keep you fit.
  • Improves Brain Activity: Memory and functioning gets improved by regular usage.

cold-pressed coconut oil

Buying Guide

You get what you pay for. Obviously, a very inexpensive oil is going to be of inferior quality. Often, the cheapest oils are the most disagreeable tasting and usually tainted with residual contaminants. Better avoid the refined oil and start to use cold pressed coconut oil for any purpose.

Children that take cold pressed oil frequently would have better health and great height and immunity. People who lack the energy can use this as the wonderful energy booster. Try this once, and get the best results which make your body healthiest than it has ever been.

For enjoying all these healthy benefits you can Buy Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Online India.


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Customer Reviews 25 item(s)

Sreenivasan Padanattil posted on 24 Apr, 2019
Excellent,prompt and fast delivery
"Ever since i have been using this in my cooking oils and now i just do nto want to use any other thing. If you are a guy like me who has been using all sorts of refined oils adn have tried whole ones too like sesame oil etc, you will feel a world of difference guys. This is the best. This has shown me good signs of health and i no more worry about using more than 3 tbsp oil to cook my vegetables. (I use 4-6 tbsp oil on general basis, but it is because my body adapts very well with high fat foods). But as compared to all other oils, this one is truly the best. After 1 year of using it, I am pacing another order right now."
achiya murthi posted on 15 May, 2018
This is my first purchase of the brand and I am more than happy with the quality of the product. It smells very mildly of coconut and even someone like me who wasn't a fan of the coconut oil smell is loving it. It is absolutely colorless, tastes great, and can be used as a hair and skin moisturizer as well. I would like to thank the manufacturer standard cold pressed oil and making this amazing product available online. I had purchased it at Rs.325 and hope the price will stay the same till my next purchase.
"A lot of castor oil products slap ""organic"" and ""pure"" on their labels but are diluted or mixed with other filler oils. So far this is the only genuine, 100% castor oil (you can tell from the thickness), that I have found; it's in a dark bottle that will protect the oil's properties from the sun's rays. It does cost more than the diluted stuff, and it is only 4 ounces, but you're paying for quality. "
Sathiya Priya Gopi posted on 15 May, 2018
I have extremely long hair and was facing problems of hair fall. In a period of two weeks my hair fall has stopped, my hair have become naturally silky and so soft I just can't stop touching it. So, for hair fall and constant use its the great product. Just love it Standard for this miracle oil. Muaaaaaaaah
Sundaravarathan posted on 16 May, 2018
PURE AND Authentic.. amazing.. its good for cooking, skin and hairs.. can be used as oil for hairs which makes hairs healthy, long, shiny and soft.. and for skin it cab be used as a makes skin healthy and nourishes and hydrates skin..
prubu posted on 16 May, 2018
"Product just as described and came quickly and packaged well. Have tried it for a few days on my eyelashes which had been thinning and really love it so far! I use a clean mascuera brush to apply it. Wish I'd known about this sooner! "
Deepak posted on 17 May, 2018
Pure coconut oil.. Smell is great. I use it as my hair oil and surprisingly hairfall is reduced. I want to buy it next time without any thoughts.. Thanks Standard cold pressed oil!!!!
Lakshmi posted on 17 May, 2018
Best coconut oil.. damn pure and beneficial.. Normal brands could no way match ! It stands away on its quality, right from the pure smell of coconut !
Naveen posted on 17 May, 2018
Good smelling pure cocunut oil. Works nicely as a skin moisturizer. An added orifice to the bottle for proper dispensing will be welcome.

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