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Karupatti / Palm Jaggery

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Fantastic taste!!
Jothi priya posted on 28 May, 2018
"I never heard of/ tasted jaggery before i ordered this product, so I cannot compare. I can only attest that the product I received is excellent in taste and condition, and the only negative review below, while pointing out valid points, gives an unfair rating just because of price point and conerns over color. Anyway, the product is delicious and an excellent sweetener. The flavor is similar to caramel, brown sugar or molasses, but has depth to it. The texture is hard and sticky, but you can carve it with a knife. I tried to freeze it, in order to shave or grate, but it does not freeze into a complete rock solid state and grating is still hard due to moisture and stickiness of the product. This makes the product not very versatile in my opinion,because you cant add it in dry state like you can brown sugar. The only way I found it useful is by heating a bit and melting into a syrup. Otherwise it is a bit of a mess to work with. I used it successfully inthe following applications: - Sweeten all sorts of drinks - Making home made ice cream ( wow! What a difference vs. refined sugar!) - Sweeten homemade yogurt - Making cranberry relish - Cooking pork ribs - Making cookies - Making crepes I recommend the product due to its taste, noting its limitations due to texture for those who are not familiar with the product. Finally, Im impressed with care and professionalism of the seller as evident in other reviews. "