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Cold Pressed Sesame/Gingelly Oil

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Super goood tasting and long expiration date.
Atul Diwary posted on 21 May, 2018
This is super good tasting! It tastes just like sesame seeds! I bought this and I'm learning to make Chinese food. I made my first dish, a vegetable stir fry, with a little of this oil and it was really terrific. The bottoms of the cream cheese won ton were lightly fried in the wok with a little oil too, then finished in the oven. I want to make my own dishes to avoid the excessive oil they use in restaurants. I'm going to use this again tomorrow for a vegetable fried rice. Sesame is a heavy oil so it's not suitable for cakes or sweet dishes, but for savory things-yum! My bottle has an expiration date almost 6 months from the day it was delivered. I'm sure I will be using it all before that. No need to keep it in the refrigerator. I strongly recommend this oil for everyone.