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Cold Pressed Sesame/Gingelly Oil

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Great for Indian Dishes
Vetrivel Murugan posted on 21 May, 2018
Don't be afraid of using sesame oil in food .This is a superb sesame oil and I think it will be my go-to from now on. Intense, deep toasted sesame flavor and scent. I cook a fair bit of Chinese food, and also like to add a bit of cold pressed sesame flavor to a bowl of instant ramen, and it's great for both! I also like that it comes in a food grade bottle (according to their site) with lid. This helps keep it fresh and full-flavored. The pour spout is nice, too. Little to no dripping. This is one of the best sesame oils I've used, and THE best at this price for this quantity. Bear in mind when using, a little goes a long way!