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Cold Pressed Castor Oil 500 ML

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Best thing to do for ur hair loss..
Udbala posted on 13 Jun, 2018
I am 26 years old boy and a 5 years back i started noticing unusual hair loss and the result receding hair line from the front so i researched a bit and found it was due to dry skalp and dandruff issues, after finding the cause i started the treatment it took my 3 years before finding that caster oil was salution to my problem, i had tried everything from coconut oil to patanjali product nothing seem to work but i promise u this is the best thing to treat dry scalp, dandruff, hair fall, i have only used it twice in a month and a half and the results are like nothing i could have imagined, no hair fall what so ever, vanished dandruff boosted confidence, hence i personally suggest go for this brand and product if u have same issues and u can thank me in the comments..