Palm Jaggery Groundnut Chikki Bar 25g

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Groundnut chikki is packed with essential nutrients, which loaded with vitamins and minerals need for excellent body health.

Palm Jaggery groundnut chikki are rich in proteins, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, and healthy fats. This nutritious chikki is made with roasted peanuts, jaggery by continuously stirring the ingredients. Then this mixture is allowed to hard and sliced.

Health Benefits of Groundnut Chikki Bar

Groundnuts are taken into consideration an awesome supply of fibre while jaggery contains elements of potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, which boost metabolism.

1. Growth and Development

Groundnut chikki contains great amount of amino acids that are essential for growth and development. The amino acids present works as metabolite for boom hormone .

Its a super to munch for night snacks rather than junk meals like chips and crackers. Groundnut or peanut chikki is ideal for youngsters to snack on those healthful goodies which give vitamins and additionally fill the stomach.

2. Reduce Stress

Jaggery present in chikki is rich in antioxidants and plenty of phytophenols, which might be established to help in diluting blood clots and stopping stress diseases like dementia and alzheimer's.

Even though jaggery is likewise made from the sap of coconut and date palm, the one crafted from sugar cane is the one that's used most extensively.

Groundnut chikki are an amazing source of resveratrol, another phytophenol known to save you induction of stress illnesses and regulating the blood extent by flushing out pollution.

3. Prevent Cancer and Gallstones

The presence of polyphenolic antioxidants in groundnut chikkis are important in preventing the growth of gastric cancers cells and lowering the production of carcinogenic nitrosamines, that are answerable for the increase of cancer cells in various organs and tissues.

If you consume groundnut chikki frequently, then it's going to assist you to reduce the possibilities of being identified with gallstones. Studies have shown that 30g of groundnut in afternoon may may lower the risk of gallstone through nearly 25% that is boosted even more when fed on in the form of chikkis.

4. Brain Health

Groundnut chikkis have higher functioning of the brain. Chikkis are enriched with Vitamin B3, that is high useful for the better functioning of the nervous system and assist your brain in enhancing memory.

Groundnut chikki are high-quality source of increasing serotonin for your body. Serotonin is called a “glad chemical” that is sizeable in your mind in improving your temper, calming your nerves, and supporting you fight melancholy.

5. Treat Skin Diseases

Groundnut chikki has anti inflammatory properties for this reason preventing the diseases like psoriasis and eczema. It is rich in vitamin E, zinc and magnesium, which maintains skin shine and fights the bacteria causing acne.

6. Maintain Cholesterol Levels and Control Heart Health

The groundnut chikki lower bad cholesterol in blood, thereby stopping heart disorders and strokes by means of favoring healthful blood lipid profile.

Groundnut in chikki are packed with mono-unsaturated fatty acids specially oleic acid that stops heart illnesses. 

7. Traditional Snack

Groundnut chikki is a healthful, scrumptious traditional Indian sweet snack from groundnut and jaggery. This natural sweet delicacy is filled with significant health and splendor benefits.

The mixture of essential vitamins and proteins of groundnut and iron of jaggery. This conventional dessert is well-known for its particular taste, crispiness and aroma.

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