Groundnut Oil

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  1. Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 15 Litres
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    Groundnut / Peanut Cold Pressed Oil / Kadalai Ennai - 100% Pure & Unrefined

    Amazing Benefits:

    • Suitable for Cooking
    • Deep Frying
    • Heart Health
    • Cholesterol Free & No Preservatives
    • Also known as Chekku Groundnut Oil / Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil / Kachi Ghani Groundnut Oil
    • Contains monounsaturated fats that are useful to lower high blood pressure
    • Take a few drops of Groundnut Oil and mix it with 2-3 drops of lime juice to treat acne
    • Excellent remedy to cure disorders like constipation, digestive problems, diarrhea, etc
    • Groundnut Oil is widely used in aromatherapy, since it has a very light and nutty aroma
    • Shelf Life: 6 Months.

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Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is a popular oil that is commonly used in cooking, especially when frying foods. Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin E, which may help reduce heart disease risk factors. It may also help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar in those with diabetes.

Cold Pressed Groundnut oil is also known as peanut oil. It is one of the vegetarian oil and was widely used in our country. 

 People in India used it for many recipes and consumed it directly too. Dishes made out of groundnut oil are simply yummy and healthy too. There is no replacement for dishes made by following authentic recipe and ingredients. One of the core content in our ancestors cooking is groundnut oil.  It prevents heart attacks and contributes to making our heart healthier. It prevents gastric problems, digestion issues and constipation. 

It improves immunity, metabolism of our body and enhances our outlook too. It's is used externally too. It cures dandruff and improves poor skin texture. Our ancestors used this, had soft and moisture skin but we search for medicine and other fancy creams. It cures blackheads too. 

We go for medicine and use chemicals to cure diseases such as arthritis. It leads to a lot more issues due to side effects and makes us addicted to the chemicals. When we use it for massaging and cures arthritis and builds muscles. 

Cancer is the most popular and costly disease. It makes us suffer a lot and spend a lot of money. Consumption of groundnut oil cures cancer too and many other dreadful diseases. 

Many home remedies and Ayurvedic medicinal preparations include this sesame oil. 

In our busy world, we fail to reduce weight in spite of going to the gym or working hard. We even consume chemicals and medicines to reduce our weight. We sacrifice good food in the name of dieting. 

The most wonderful magic done by groundnut oil is that it naturally reduces the weight that too even without dieting and starving in hunger !!!!

So let's grab and use it, live a happy and healthy life!!!