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Moringa Chikki

Moringa chikki is a traditional ready-to-eat Indian chikki commonly made from moringa, peanuts and jaggery. Moringa chikki is appreciated for its herbal goodness of groundnuts. This chikki is different from other chikki's. It includes the goodness of moringa taken in suitable proportion to make it nutritious and scrumptious.

It is an ideal to munch for nighttime snacks in preference to junk meals like chips and crackers. Moringa chikki is ideal for kids to snack on these healthy sweets which offer nutrients and additionally fill the belly. Entire family may have chikki in their daily lifestyles. Such an healthy and attractive manner to stay healthful!

Moringa Chikki Benefits:

1. Antioxidant

Moringa chikkis with its forty six antioxidant factors, it helps to neutralizes the free radicals, which amassing, are related to numerous human diseases.

2. Heart Health

It contains Polyphenols, beta-sitosterol and Vitamin K low fat deposits interior blood vessels, appearing as cardio protectors.

3. Anti-diabetic

Due to its high content in antioxidants, B-complex nutrients, omega-3, chromium and zinc, moringa possesses a excessive hypoglycemic impact (regulating blood-sugar levels).

4. Intestinal protection

Moringa is a effective useful resource to combat intestinal infections and cleanse the vegetation, because it's high in Vitamin B12, which participates in blood producing and stimulates the immune system.

5. Anti inflammatory

It has 36 compounds contained in the moringa leaf protect from infection and stimulate the immune system, leading to decreased irritation.

6. Antimicrobial

The primary compound liable for that is benzyl isothiocyanate (bitc), which has bactericidal properties over several pathogenic dealers.

7. Detoxifying

All antioxidants are phytochemicals that modulate enzymatic pastime, facilitating detoxification and promoting anti-tumoral activities in the body and moringa is the queen of antioxidants.

8. Antitumoral

Salvestrols are the herbal response to cancer. Chemical substances that modulate the enzymatic hobby and boost detoxification, ensuing in an antitumoral impact.

9. Good Source of Iron

Moringa chikki carries 25% of your day by day value of iron, which makes it exquisite for women and athletes. It uses as a remedy for anemia and low iron has grow to be a hot subject matter.

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