Wild Turmeric | Kasturi Manjal Soap 100g

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Herbal Soap |Wild Turmeric | Magizh Wild Turmeric

Composition: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Kasturi Manjal (Wild Turmeric)

Water, Sodium Hydroxide TFM: 66%

Amazing Benefits:

  • Heals Wound
  • Acts As Anti-Bacterial
  • Reduces Acne
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Reduces Pore Size
  • Gently Exfoliates
  • Natural Aroma
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months.
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To live in this world we should come across many tough situations. Likewise, now the whole world is facing a tough situation. The invisible enemy causes so much impact on world trade and as well as human lives. So we should fight back. To fight back one of the efficient ways is to keep a strong immunity power and keep us disinfected.

Almost the first line of defense is disinfection. We use sanitizer, soaps, alcoholic wipes, and more and more.

Nowadays soaps are widely used. Without soap we can't even pass three hours. Soaps have evolved different dimensions and flavours. One of the most colourful and valued flavours nowadays is Turmeric.

Turmeric soaps are made of turmeric powder and are highly beneficial. They actively fight against microorganisms which cause infections. 

This article gives and provides the details of turmeric soap with unbelievable health benefits.

Wild Turmeric  Price & Specifications

Product Name:Wild Turmeric
Quantity:100 Gm
GST / Tax:59.00 (Price Inclusive of all Taxes)
Ingredient Type:Vegetarian
Specialty:No Preservatives, No Genetic Engineering
Place of Origin:Madurai, TamilNadu - India
Storage Instructions:Store in a cool & dry place
Package Information:Wrapped in Carton Box with Zero Breakage
Maximum Shelf Life:6 Months


 Wild turmeric Meaning / Regional Names of Wild turmeric

Scientific Name:Curcuma Aromatica
Wild turmeric In English:Wild turmeric / aromatic turmeric
Wild turmeric In Tamil:Kasthuri manjal
Wild turmeric In Malayalam:Kattu mannal / kattumanna
Wild turmeric In Telugu:Adavi pasupu / kasthuri pasupu
Wild turmeric In Kannada:Kadu arisina
Wild turmeric In Hindi:Junglee haldi
Wild turmeric In Konkani:Kattumanna
Wild turmeric In Marathi:Vanya halada

About Turmeric Soap

Turmeric is a flowering plant which belongs to the ginger family and is also widely used for cooking. For hundreds of years turmeric has been used as a disinfectant and antibacterial. Here comes the turmeric soap that not only acts as antibacterial but also helps in glowing of skin.

As we know our parents and grandparents will use turmeric in day to day life. They use it in cooking, drinks, and also as medicine. To make it easier , turmeric is used in the manufacture of soap. So it becomes easier to protect the skin as well as fight against the microorganisms.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a bio active substance that has antioxidant properties. These turmeric soaps also have anti-inflammatory properties.

These turmeric soaps are made with no chemicals and definitely don't have any side effects. It is mainly used for its medicinal values and for skin care.  

Health Benefits Of Turmeric Soap

Turmeric's natural bio active compounds have several health benefits and properties that can help, restore, and balance the skin. Here are some of the health benefits of turmeric soaps.

1. Contribute A Natural Glow

To get glowing and clear and shining skin our ancestors have used turmeric. As we know turmerics are used and in use for several many years. Nowadays instead of using turmeric, many have turned to use turmeric soaps. Why? 

Because they don't cause irritation on the skin and provide a natural glow. Easy for use and available is more than turmeric powder that we use for applying to skin.

2. Heals The Wounds

Turmeric soaps help in treating wounds and are highly beneficial. Curcumin which is a bioactive compound helps to treat wounds. The curcumin present in the turmeric helps to react slowly to the wounds and acts as antioxidant. 

They help in fast healing of wounds and have antibacterial properties. It also fights against microorganisms and fights infections.

3. Prevents Psoriasis

Psoriasis is defined as a condition in which the build-up of skin cells forms scales and itchy, dry patches.

Psoriasis is thought to be an immune system-related problem. Psoriasis-causing factors include infection, stress, and cold. Turmeric soap, basically an anti-bacterial, helps to treat psoriasis. Regular use of turmeric soap helps to get rid of psoriasis.

4. Helps In Acne Scarring

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory, skin condition that causes spots and pimples. Especially on the back, shoulder, face, neck, chest, and upper arms. They cause acne scars that take a long time to go away.

Turmeric soap helps to remove scars but takes time. Usually, turmeric is used to treat scars and wounds.

5. Remove Dark Spots

Most of people are having dark spots which spoil the beauty of their faces. These dark spots make a mark on the face and take time to disappear. Using turmeric soap will help to remove the dark spots. The bioactive materials present in turmeric helps to get rid of dark spots and give you a clear skin. It also helps in pigmentation.

6. Anti-Ageing Properties

Turmeric soap is one of the best products for anti ageing. It helps to treat wrinkles and continuous use of turmeric soap helps to have a healthier and brighter skin and keeps you younger.

This turmeric soap provides the nutrients needed for skin and keeps it younger. It also removed the dead cells from the skin and provides you glowing beauty.

7. Acts As Antibacterial Agent

Turmeric acts as a natural antibacterial agent and helps to provide vitamin E to revitalize and moisturize the skin and its cells. It fights against the microorganisms that cause damage to the body, battles acne, and restores the skin's glowing property.

The antimicrobial property present in the turmeric soap helps in treating pimples which are caused by bacteria and rashes that damage the skin and other dermatological conditions.

8. Used For Skin Whitening

Usually, turmeric powder is used for skin Whitening. It helps in making the skin glow and to be brighter. Using turmeric with soap that is turmeric soap also helps in skin whitening. To get brighter skin continuous use of turmeric soap for three weeks is required. Using turmeric soap also helps to reduce wrinkles and makes you beautiful.

9. Acts As Anti Allergic

As we know that turmeric is an anti-allergic, turmeric soap also acts as an anti-allergic. The substance called Curcumin is present in turmeric and acts as an anti-allergic, antioxidant, and antibiotic. It helps to treat wrinkles, rashes, psoriasis, pimples, acne, dark spots, and wounds. It also fights against several dermatological conditions.

Miracles Of Turmeric Soap

  • Rich in antibacterial properties
  • Reduce acne and pimples
  • Provides vitamin E
  • Helps to retain moisture
  • Revitalize the skin cells
  • Exfoliates the excess skin
  • Helps in reducing eczema 
  • Treats the psoriasis
  • Reduces the skin pigmentation
  • Relieves from skin rashes
  • Cures the redness of the skin
  • Promotes skin lightening
  • Provides even skin tone
  • Treats dermatitis
  • Helps in healing wounds
  • Rich in anti-aging properties
  • Lighten the skin
  • Removes acne scars
  • Heals cracked heels
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Repairs skin damage
  • Nourishes and protects the skin
  • Reduces visible stretch marks
  • It gives a cooling effect
  • Helps soothe itchiness
  • Relieves dryness from skin
  • Helps in problematic skin

Where To Buy The Turmeric Soap

The best turmeric soaps are available with amazing benefits and offers. To get the best quality turmeric soap at affordable prices, order it Here  and get amazing benefits. They act as Antibiotic, Antibacterial, Antiallergic, and Antifungal. This turmeric soap does not cause any skin disease and acts as a disinfectant.

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