12 Inch Dosa Pan / Iron Dosa Tawa / Iron Thawa / Dosa Kallu Tawa / Dosa Tawa Iron - SINGLE HANDLE (Not Seasoned)

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12 Inch Dosa Tawa

  • Total weight: 3kg to 3.5kg
  • Total diameter including the raised edge: 11.5inch
  • Inner diameter excluding the raised edge: 27.5cm
  • Handle length: 5cm
  • Handle gap: 2cm to 3cm
  • Thickness including the raised edge: 0.8cm to 1cm
  • The thickness of the Tawa: 0.5cm
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Indian Traditional Kitchen Cookware: DOSA TAWA / IRUMBHU DOSAI KALLU

People have started to remember the roots tradition and getting started to use traditional products nowadays. It improves the healthy way of life style with Cast Iron dosa tawa.

Dosa Tawa crafted for day to day use by taking care of the size and shape to handle as simple as possible, however making too light leads food to get burnt soon. At the same, the food which is slowly cooked with heavy heat surrounded by a product like Iron Dawa would bring food in a healthy way of cooking with a lot of tasty

Natural way to Increase your Iron Intake

Boost Your Iron Intake, in every meal you make now become healthy too. Cooking in cast iron increases the iron content of the food that actually helps kids as well for adults who lack iron nutrient. The Iron we have in our body and that protects us from anemia. At the same time few people hand skin will so rough and touch this totally due to Iron deficiency whereas changing the cookware to Cast Iron like Dosa Tawa, Kuli paniyaram Tawa, Cast Iron Fry Pan and Iron Kadai would directly help to improve Iron in taking naturally.

Seasoning Dosa Tawa

Seasoning the Dosa Tawa or any Cast iron cookware is essential to do before using. Because direct use is not recommended. Please do below steps after purchase the Dosa Tawa.

Step 1: Firstly, fill the Dosa Tawa with cooked rice water (starch water)and leave it for 5-7days. This action helps cast iron to remove iron odor from it

Step 2: Secondly, refill the cooked rice water and heat up in slow flame and let it get dry

Step 3: Add gingelly oil and soak it for an hour and use onion piece to wipe and wash the Tawa as usual

Step 4: Dosa Tawa is now ready to make healthy and tasty dosa

Fine Recommendation:

  • Don't make chapathi in dosa Tawa, keep separate Tawa for dosa because dosa will little oily always making chapathi make it dry.
  • Use Brinjal/bottle gourd or onion to wipe off Tawa to avoid sticking the dosa.
  • Use coconut scrubber or any soft scrubber for cleaning Tawa, don't use hard soap, detergent and steel scrubber.
  • Handling dosa tawa with a thick cloth to remove from the stove after making dosa
  • Avoid using lemon & cucumber in cast iron Tawa because it may damage the seasoning.
  • Don't recommend kids to carry the Tawa due to heavy in handling.

Have a Tasty dosa..!


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