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Unknown Facts Revealed About The Tribal Bamboo Rice!(Mulayari,Moongil Rice)

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Two months ago, I went with my mom to my aunt’s house. She offered me a cup of a kheer which I didn’t take it. I am not fond of sweets lol! She and my mom was busy chitchatting and slowly my stomach starts to grumble again.

I didn’t even imagine my stomach would do this to me. I went into the kitchen and filled the cup with this kheer and brought outside for others too. I tasted it and told her that her wheat gheer is wonderful.

But her face lit up with a mischievous glee and told that that was bamboo rice kheer. I haven’t even heard of that. Before I could ask her anything, my mom started to ask her the recipe of bamboo kheer. The usual mother things lol!

The most interesting thing from what i researched was bamboo is the most favourite of pandas. Pandas are my favourite and it’s favourite will be my favourite too! I love pandas:)

They eat leaves, stems and shoots of bamboo of 12 – 38 kgs everyday (no wonder they are my favourite, we get together with eating 🙂

And here I am to tell you about the nutritional benefits of bamboo rice! They are different varieties of rice that may not be popular but make our history rich and intriguing. Such type is bamboo rice, a beautiful short grain which is the last souvenir of a dying shoot.


When the bamboo shoot breathes it last, it flowers into a variety of rice seeds called bamboo rice. It is also said that harvesting bamboo rice is one of the greatest income of tribal communities in interior areas of Wayanad sanctuary, Kerala.

Nature And Taste Of Bamboo Rice

Rice makes an indispensable part of any meal in north indian and south indian household. It resembles paddy rice and tastes like wheat. It is not commonly available as it takes many years for a bamboo shoot to flower. When cooked, it is pale green and tends to be moist and viscous causing the grains to stick together.

The harvesting of bamboo rice is not that simple because of the unpredictable flowering for a bamboo plant to flower since it may vary from few years to 100 years. On average, the bamboo tree lives about 40 years and hence bamboo rice is a bit costly when compared to other conventional rice.

And in between I heard that bamboo farming is much profitable in the current market.

Advantages Of Bamboo Farming

  • Weather resistant
  • Year wise crop
  • Easy to cultivate (Even a agri newbie can start bamboo farming in India)
  • Low investment
  • High profit

Bamboo has found a new role in the modern world. Like few products are available in the market for daily use.

  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Bamboo comb
  • Bamboo cutlery
  • Bamboo bicycle

Health Benefits Of Bamboo Rice

  • Bamboo rice is a good source of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 cannot be provided by the body. It is available only through diet.
  • It plays an important role in mood regulation. It is necessary for creating neurotransmitters like serotinin and dopamine. They improve brain function and reduce alziemer’s risk.
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Higher protein content than rice and wheat.
  • Studies conducted on Kani tribes living in the South Indian states of Kanyakumari forest have revealed that bamboo rice have fertility enhancing properties.
  • Controls joint pain, low back pain and rheumatism.

Bamboo Rice Kheer


  • Bamboo rice – 1 cup
  • Water -3 cup
  • Ghee -1 tbsp
  • Pepper -1 tsp
  • Cumin -1 tsp
  • Ginger – 1 tbsp finely chopped
  • Cashews – 5 to 6
  • Curry leaves -4 to 5
  • Salt to taste
  • Moong dal – 1/3 cup


  • Wash the rice in the bowl and soak them for 30 mins. Place them in the pressure cooker,add 3/4 cup of water for 6 whistles and simmer for 10 mins.
  • Boil the milk in the thick bottomed vessel. Add the cooked rice to it and continue heating till the milk is reduced to half its quantity.
  • Add the coconut sugar and coconut milk.Leave it heating for 10 mins.
  • Saute the cashew in ghee and add it to the kheer.
  • Serve the delicious gheer hot or cold.

Buying guide

Trust me! The mulayari kheer was worth it. Thinking where to buy it? Our standard coldpressed oils are here for you to deliver this at your doorstep without interrupting your busy schedule.

We harvest them under a perfect observation, without the usage of pesticides and fertilizers and pack them in the best way. Treat your loved ones this healthy gift and you will probably get your upmost satisfaction.

Try recipes like bamboo rice briyani, puttu, dosa, moongil arisi pongal, dumplings and puddings!

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Elakeya Udhaya I am a young physician assistant by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, writing about fashion, styles, home remedies, cooking, trends, and even, travel, places, weather, fiction stories, and time travel.

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