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Why Do You Need to Switch from Refined Oil to Cold Pressed Oil? True Reason..!

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Cold Pressed Oil is not new to the people. Maybe it is new for the people who were recently got awareness and conscious about health. Of course,  it has a lot of benefits to your health and also for your skin & hair.

If you think cold pressed oil is costlier then refined oil, then you are absolutely wrong because you will end up with spending your valuable hard-earned money to the hospitals. 

The truth behind the refined oil is.. it is not really a cooking oil, those are flavored sunflower mineral oil. These mineral oils are from the petroleum wastage and added flavor to the required type of oil.

The giant companies are ready to supply the demand in the Indian market by some oil that can be used for cooking (edible grade) but they don’t even care for consumer health.

These refined oils are very unsafe for your health.

A simple calculation will give you an idea regarding the fact about the cost of selling refined oil in the market.

Below table will give you the details about the structure of a sunflower oil price how it has to be calculated.

Price Per KgRequired KgTotal
Sunflower seed ₹ 803 ₹ 240
Amount for grinding ₹ 201 ₹ 20
The Sunflower cake ₹ 20-3 -₹ 60
Labor fee ₹ 201 ₹ 20
Others ₹ 301 ₹ 30
Price per Liter (Rs.)250

Typically, sunflower oil cost should be between ₹ 250 and ₹ 300. But the market price is ₹ 95.

Now, the questions in your mind…

“How nearby stores and supermarket selling the Sunflower refined edible oil at Rs.95 ”?

Well, the answer is below:

A straight forward answer to your question is…“Actually, you are not buying the real sunflower oil”. Yes, definitely not.

The advertisements are made to buy this oil. The word “Refined” means a refining of mineral oil to edible oil which requires a lot of heating process to refine to look like pure.

But, actually, it does not a pure content to eat. Refined oil is the major reason and causes for our obesity, cardiac issues, diabetes, knee joint pains, etc.

Now, let’s have look on the price estimation for the refined oil price.

Price per KgRequired KgTotal
Mineral oil₹ 0.753₹ 2.25
Amount for refining₹ 151₹ 15
Packing₹ 31₹ 3
Labor₹ 51₹ 5
Others₹ 301₹ 30
Price per Liter (Rs.)55.3

A details structure of a refined sunflower oil price.

The mineral oils are wastage from petroleum and the cost comes around less than rupees.

The major costs are involved in the processing of converting into edible oil and marketing and advertisement.

Don’t buy the oil if this is mentioned in the oil package or cover.

  1. Refined oil
  2. Added extra vitamins
  3. Not sold in out of India
  4. Not for export
  5. Ingredients: Edible grade (these are mineral oil)

However, the research was done by you to finalize what you want to buy?

But be clear what makes you and your family are safe and healthier.

Whenever you are buying oil spend some time to read it out what they have written even the big giant is clearly writing on the package that is “approved ingredients edible oil is added” but they don’t even say what is the ingredients? These are very famous brands and sold from small grocery shop to high-level supermarket.

Why Standard Cold Pressed Oil?

The Standard Cold Pressed extracted the oil in the room temperature (i.e. not more than 35°C) which helps to retain the same nutrients and vitamins as same as the seeds or nuts had.

The advantages of cold pressed oils are endless and makes your family healthier.

Standard Cold Pressed Oil is original and made with a real passion to improve the health of each individual in the world.

We at Standard Cold Pressed Oil manufacturing the real and natural flavor of cold pressed ground nut oil, cold pressed sesame oil and cold pressed coconut oil.

The most special in the Standard Cold Pressed Oil is we don’t add anything at the same time we don’t take anything from the cold pressed oil.

Nothing is added or taken away.

We care for your health, the real intention to produce what we intend to sell is OIL. Nothing more than that.

We only sell oil that is real oil. We want to make every day of your life healthier and joyful.

We have different varieties of trail pack introduced to try for Cold Pressed Oil.

Just click here to buy cold pressed oil online.

Venkat Raman I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.

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