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No More Acne! Here Comes The Solution – Castor Oil!!!!!

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Acne Problem

Castor oil is one among the cold pressed oils available at India in surplus amount. It remains completely pure since it has no additives and it contains all the vital ingredients which acts as cleanser or anti-inflammatory agent or anti-fungal agent.

This is mainly because of the acids present in castor oil.

Castor oil reaches the skin and its layers to retain the moisture our skin has lost. It also helps in fighting against the microbes from attacking our skin or pores.

Castor oil helps in maintaining our skin hydrated and avoiding interaction of germs.

Acne is a red color pimples generally appear on our faces especially during our age of adolescence.

Castor Oil for skin

This acne appears on our skin due to excessive heat, improper sleep, improper food and lack of cleanliness.

Castor oil does wonders with acne. We always try to consume tablets or apply cream or gel make out of chemicals which lead to new skin problem or after which acne might again appear. But castor oil is fully natural and pure.

Castor Oil for hair

Let’s check how to apply castor oil on our affected skin to cure or to prevent acne or any other skin issues.

  • Add 2 tsp of castor oil into a cup.
  • Add coconut oil or badam oil to the cup.
  • We add any other type of oil to mix with castor oil to dilute the density or thick texture of castor oil.
  • Mix it well and apply on our face.

You can give a soft massage or apply it as mask and leave it for 30 minutes after which you will have to wash your skin.

You can also add castor oil for applying on our skin. Castor oil works well in cleansing the contaminated skin layer and bring out the freshness in face.

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Once you apply this, clean it well with face wash or soap. Applying this organic cold pressed castor oil, it protects our skin like a shield. This makes our skin to glow and appear very young.

The antioxidants or anti-fungal or antibiotic properties present in castor oil helps in not only protecting from acne but also in protecting entire face from any kind of skin issues.

Castor oil helps in fighting against or protecting from fungal infection or any infections.

Castor Oil to Fight Against Infections

 We can do this during our weekend or once in 2 days. This is a proven technique.

Since castor oil is very hygienic,  safe and healthy for our skin, we can very well apply it on our face and get benefited. 

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Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips.

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