Coconut Oil

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This is one among the purest vegetarian oils. It is extracted from dry coconuts. 

Coconut oil, especially in coastal regions usage were high. 

An enhancer to taste and aroma of food

Coconut oil is highly aromatic and used in cooking for it’s aroma and taste it gives. The satisfaction is very high. Our ancestors used it in cooking lavishly and celebrated the food. 

Dishes made out of coconut oil just influence and invites us towards the food and tempts us. It also contribute a lot for our health. 

Resolves digestive issues

We long for tasty food but end up eating food made out of unhealthy oils. It spoils our digestive system and weakens us. Thereby we become anaemic and we urge to doctors. We also consume lot of medicines and chemicals which creates another set of issues as side-effects. Sesame oil creates no harm while the medicines and chemicals we consume or apply comes with list of ill effects. 

A good companion for fitness freak

Our body and it’s fitness is based on our region, products originated from our own regions. So when we consume and use coconut oil made from coconuts grown in our coastal regions, our experience a good digestion and fitness. 

Good cholesterol and enrichment of nutrients 

There is a myth that oils are full of fat and not good. But in reality it is not, coconut oil is full of goodness.

Medicine for blood clots

Coconut oil cures even scratches, blood clots, etc and improves the blood flow. 

Solution for hair problems

Coconut is queen when it comes to hair growth. It helps in getting rid of dandruff, lice, etc. 

Cures deadly diseases

When we use it on a daily basis, we can prevent breast cancer and cardiac arrest. 

Baby care

It’s known for skin care and many pharmaceutics and cosmetic products contain coconut oil. It helps in faster growth of premature infants.

Coconut oil is used in Ayurvedic medicines too. Coconut oil is something we have forgotten to be celebrated. Let’s restart living an awesome life by using this awesome oil before its late.

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