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  1. Pure Honey / Himalayan Multifloral Honey 500 Grams
    Special Price ₹320.00 Regular Price ₹500.00
    • Anti-allergic
    • Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral
    • Anti-fungal & Anti-cancer
    • 27 Minerals
    • 22 Amini Acids
    • 5,000 Live Enzymes
    • Improve Digestion
    • Boost Immune System
    • Reduce Risk of illness and disease
    • Aids Weight Loss
    • Promotes Healthy Glowing Skin
    • Prevent/Heal Ulcer
    • Supports Good Bacteria
    • Soothes Sore Throat

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Pure Ghee / Village Ghee

We offer Premium quality Handmade Cow Milk Pure Ghee, which not only adds flavor to your food but also keeps you fit and healthy. Our Ghee is prepared by following the age-old and time-honored Indian traditional Hand Churned method, called Vedic Process. It becomes all the more Important & Special, as Earthern Pots and Wooden Churner is used in this process.

The quality of the milk is super which conforms to the norms and standards lay by the food industry. Ghee is the rich source of vitamin A and E. It is the product widely used and preferred by customers. Standard Ghee is known for its superb quality, original taste and smell, high nutritional value and essential health benefits.