Finger Millet Pasta | Ragi Pasta 175g

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  • Millets come under the superfoods, category and help  to control diabetes, Multi millet pasta is high in protein & contains dietary fiber, multi millet pasta is suitable for people of all ages


Wheat Flour, Finger Millet Flour, Salt


Salt, cloves, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger garlic and online powder, tomato powder


  • Boil 500ml of water with 1 spoon of oil and add the pasta, cook for 2 to 5 minutes. Once cooked dry the pasta and rinse with cool water, set aside.
  •  Add 3 to 4 spoons of oil to the pan and add vegetables. Add taste blender and saute it for two mins.
  •  Add the cooked pasta and toss gently. Saute for 2 minutes.
  • Now serve it hot.

Shelf Life: 9 Months

SERVES : 3-4 persons (approx)


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Finger Millet Pasta

Finger millet are healthy naturally grown grain good for health. It's 100% naturally grown grain without added any artificial colorations, flavor or chemical compounds.

Finger millet pasta is a rich supply of calcium which helps to treat with arthritis in elders. It has many essential nutrients for children helps in growing stronger.

Finger millet are low gi, gluten free food grains with better fibre. It has the excellent fibre content - 12.5% among all millets.

Finger millet pasta includes:

Vitamin A, B

Benefits of Finger Millet Pasta

1. Digestive health

The fiber in finger millet can help digestive health. Insoluble dietary fiber is “prebiotic,” meaning it enables aid the coolest micro organism in your gut.

Eating prebiotics like the fiber in millet can help gut health by using retaining your digestive vegetation healthy. Consuming enough fiber has also reduced risk of colon cancers.

2. Strong Bones and Teeth

Finger millet contains the best calcium, it’s about 364mg consistent with 100 gm. It has more calcium than milk. Calcium is essential for preserving stronger bones and teeth. It is ideal for growing kids in addition to for elderly people who is probably at risk of osteoporosis.

3. Diabetes

Finger millet pasta helps in coping with blood sugar levels. It has a low glycemic index which favors sluggish digestion and as a result prevents a spike in blood sugar degrees in body.

4. Pregnant and Lactating Mother

Finger millet pasta is healthful for pregnants by including in milk production, relieving anxiety and pressure. The rich content of minerals and vitamins enables to nourish mother and child at some point of pregnancy.

It helps to build immunity and offers more strength to remain lively. It also helps the method of milk manufacturing as it's rich in calcium, iron, and amino acids.

5. Skin

Finger millet allows in preserving skin energy, and prevents wrinkle formation and sagging. The presence of methionine and lysine in finger millet helps in collagen formation, which continues the skin healthful.

6. Heart

The presence of dietary fiber in finger millet enables in decreasing LDL cholesterol. Lecithin and methionine dispose of excess fat from the liver and stabilizes levels of cholesterol in the blood, as a result enhancing heart health.

7. Hemoglobin Levels

The prevalence of iron deficiency and anemia is found in children and youth in India. Finger millet is a source of natural iron that can address this trouble and can bring a nice effect on hemoglobin levels.

8. Gluten-free

The trend of gluten-free meals is increasing. Finger millet pasta is free from gluten and it is a superb replacement for humans affected by celiac disease.

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