Cane Sugar / Cane Jaggery Powder / Nattu Sakkarai

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Nattu Sakkarai / Country Sugar / Cane Sugar

Amazing Benefits:

  • Prevents constipation
  • Good source of energy
  • Detoxes the liver
  • Blood purifier
  • Boosts immunity
  • Cleanses the body
  • Boosts intestinal health
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cane sugar india

Country sugar is also called brown sugar (a) natural brown sugar. Country sugar is next form of jaggery or palm candy. Country sugar is completely natural.

Technical Details

Product Name:Nattu Sakkarai / Jaggery Powder / Country Sugar / Cane Sugar
Quantity:0.5 Kg
You Save:90.00 (30% Discount)
Ingredient Type:Vegetarian
Specialty:No Preservatives, No Genetic Engineering
Country of Origin:Madurai, TamilNadu - India
Storage Instructions:Store in a cool & dry place
Item Package Quantity:0.5 Kg, 1 Kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg
Certification:FSSAI No 12419012000177
Caffeine Content:Caffeine Free
Serving Recommendation:Best Alternative to Refined Sugar
Package Information:Wrapped in Carton Box with Zero Breakage
Maximum Shelf Life:6 Months

Additional Information

Processing Type:Traditional Method
Added Preservatives:No
Highlights:1. Unrefined, 100% Pure & 100% Natural
2. No Chemicals & No Preservations
3. Sugar Obtained by Traditional Method


Country sugar is also called brown sugar (a) natural brown sugar. Country sugar is next form of jaggery or palm candy. Country sugar is completely natural.

Color, Taste and Aroma

Country Sugar / Nattu Sakkarai is brown in color. It is in sticky consistency. Country sugar has varied surprising health benefits.

Some people love taste or fragrance of cane sugar while many others simply use it due to its beneficial properties. 

Uses and Health Benefits

1. Substitute for normal sugar

As we all know white sugar is full of calories and a greater booster of diabetics. Country sugar can be used as a substitute for sugar which doesn't have many calories compared to normal sugar.

Aromatherapy also uses this particular oil as it’s very rejuvenating and also heals skin and gives strength to tissues.

benefits of groundnut oil india

2. Rich in calcium

Country Sugar / Nattu Sakkarai / Country Sugar is very rich in calcium and it ensures a strong bone and muscles when we have it along with milk.

3. Essential nutrients in country sugar

Country sugar has more nutrients like vitamin and potassium which is very vital for children and old people. Country sugar acts as a combination of many other nutrients.

4. Regulates menstrual cycle

Polycystic ovaries syndrome or PCOD has become very common. Our ancestors had no such issues as all these were handled well with their routine daily diet. But we miss to consume nutritional food and undergo many problems. Country sugar is the best solution for PCOS or PCOD. The nutrients in its cure and regulates the menstrual cycle.

5. Vital during pregnancy

Country sugar is a combination of many nutrients. During pregnancy, women need good quality and quantity of food which are nutritious. Our country sugar helps during pregnancy and takes care of the baby. Country sugar helps in baby's stable normalcy and makes the baby to grow healthy.

6. Stress reliever

Stress has become a very common issue in today's world. Our country sugar helps in getting rid of this stress by giving instant energy.

7. Yummy tummy

Our ancestors not only used country sugar for its nutritious value but also because country sugar elevates the taste in sweets. When we add country sugar to the sweets, it naturally gives the correct taste of sweetness and gives optimum satisfaction.

8. No more high blood pressure

Stress and anger along with improper diet have made our life and health pathetic. Our country sugar helps in controlling our stress and anger which reduced the blood pressure and brings it to a normal value.

9. No more insomnia or sleepless nights

Lack of proper sugar leads our health to a pathetic condition. Addition of country sugar to warm milk and consumption of it before going to sleep leads us to good sleep.

10. Enhances our memory power

Due to advancement in science and technology and fast-growing world reduce our memory capacity and makes us technology dependent. Country sugar helps in improving our memory power and keeps us stay brainy.

11. Ensures better digestion

Digestion has become a problem due to the intake of foreign food which are not approved by our DNA. Our country sugar helps in secretion of digestive juices and other essential liquids or enzymes which ensures complete good digestion.

12. Prevents from piles and mouth ulcer

Our country sugar helps in complete proper digestion which naturally leads to regular and proper painless excretion. Thus, it prevents us from piles.

Country sugar also reduces heat in our body which irradicates mouth ulcer and prevents the future occurrence of it.

13. The best solution for sinus and cold

Country sugar consumed with the addition of turmeric powder into milk and consumption of it helps in getting rid of heat-ness in our body which further cures sinus or cold and prevents from future occurrence.

Our ancestors knew all these and used this precious and natural product as a vital ingredient in their food and consumption. Let us not miss this chance. Let us start using country sugar and live fit.

Making of Nattu Sakkarai / Country Sugar

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Arun Prabuji posted on 10/01/2020
Verified Purchase
Quality of the products are awesome...

Dear Arun Prabuji,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and great support. We are working on the Milltets,rice,white,flour,Idli podi,spices and other natural products, we will go live soon. Keep following us, once website is live we will send you a notification email. Please share our products feedback among your friends and relatives!!


Standard Cold Pressed Oil Team

marifather posted on 15/12/2019
The courier got delayed, but we are happy after receiving the product. It looks like authentic jaggary, we will use it for sometime and let you know the feedback.

Dear Marifather,


Thank you for your interest in "Cane Jaggery Powder"

We are improving the product quality and service day by day. Your feedback is of great importance for us.

Thanks for the the opportunity given to serve you.


Standard Cold Pressed Oil Team

Saranya Socrates posted on 23/09/2019
Verified Purchase
It is very clean and quality is also good

Dear Saranya Socrates,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Standard Cold Pressed Oil Team

Manoj Prakash posted on 05/06/2019
Verified Purchase
Suitable replacement for white sugar.. For adding in milk, need to add extra half tea spoon always, to equal sweetness made by white sugar.. Try to reduce price without compromising quality as it is slightly expensive which are available in stores..

Dear Manoj Prakash,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will try to reduce the price ASAP & we will let you know.


Standard Cold Pressed Oil Team

DILLIP KUMAR posted on 01/04/2019
Verified Purchase
Good Quality and Quickly delivery
Gowri Sampath posted on 21/06/2018
I tried this jaggery powder. The quality is good and i am going to repeat my order today.

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