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Organic Honey

A pure brand of honey is mouth-watering when we see it and finger licking when we taste it! If you ever wanted your taste buds to hop, indulge with our rich standard honey with heavenly sweetness.

Standard honey is produced from the pollen of carefully grown organic plants without any chemical fertilizers. Bees fly up to two miles to their hives, which are not surrounded by any nearest chemical artificial source. Our skilled beekeepers maintain hive strength by organic and sterile measures and safeguard the colony from natural predators to deliver you 100% organic honey.


Super Organic

100% Fresh
and Pure


What make us so special

To make sure you get the original taste of nature, we are strictly committed to traditional and organic measures and ensure that the honey holds 100% purity and consistency.

Premium Quality

Standard honey is 100% premium quality, pure, thick and has a dense texture. The unique taste of our honey makes your loved ones delighted and makes it perfect for savoury dishes.

The purest ingredients

It's unfortunate that many honey brands are involved with adulteration and mixing with glucose and fructose syrup. But we are proud to say that we don't encourage adulteration and standard honey is 100% natural and pure.

Made With Love

Each and every process is taken care under top-notch security measures to deliver you the purest quality of honey. Treat yourself to this top quality, rich and delicious honey on your toast and you won't feel sorry!

High nutritional value

This sweet gift of smart-working honeybees is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Research studies have linked honey to reduce the risk factors for heart diseases, healing wounds, gut microbial balance and they have spectacular antibacterial properties.

Our product is remarkable

With 100% natural guarantee and promising rich quality, standard honey is sure to take you out of the world by its nectarous savoriness!

10% of Minerals

Stir honey into your morning lemon tea!

Boost your morning mood by adding honey into your black tea, green tea or any other flavoured tea instead of adding sugar.

No additives, no adulteration, no preservation, no sticky packages, only top-notch taste and mind-blowing nutritional benefits worth every penny!

Origin : India

10% of Vitamin

Add flavour to your meals!

Brush honey to your summer fruits like apples, melons and within minutes, you'll get a caramelized treat without lots of effort. Also, try fried chicken wings glazed with this savory honey sauce.

Include honey as a dressing for your salads, as a marinade for any meat recipes to make it scrumptious. Honey is a sweet gift of nature from honeybees which is used in anything since Vedic times.

Origin : India

80% of Pure Organic Honey

Been used as a medicine for 5000 years

From the olden times, honey is wildly popular for its medicinal properties. Consuming one spoon of honey regularly can activate your body's detoxifying agents, cleanses, and improves blood circulation. They enhance digestion, improves vision, prevent acne, and have amazing moisturizing properties.

Honey makes effective face packs for glowing skin, a trendsetter therapy for weight loss, and builds good immunity for your family!

Origin : India


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Usages :

People with diabetes no need to avoid sweets altogether unless their blood sugar levels are not under control. If your blood sugar levels are controlled, choose standard organic honey and remember to consume it in moderation.

  • Look young and beautiful.
  • You will detox free radicals and prevent the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Improves day to day performance.
  • Helps you shed pounds in your weight loss journey.
  • Prevents insomnia.

  • Two tablespoons for women
  • Three tablespoons for men
  • Note: Please keep in mind to not consume more than six tablespoons

Every bottle of standard honey passes strict testing standards, delivers a supreme level of care and accuracy that makes any honeybee and customer proud.

Integration :

If the honey sets (crystalizes) please don’t panic as it has not gone off. Simply place your jar of raw honey in a glass bowl, quarter fill a pan with boiling water then place the bowl into the pan. The steam should heat the bowl, which heats the jar with out over heating it. Keep the water boiling by turning up the heat on the hob. Your honey should be runny again in 10 minutes or so.

Officially for food standards honey needs an expiry date, however it is a well-known fact that honey doesn’t actually go out of date. The reason honey doesn’t go off is because of it’s high sugar and low water content.

For some reason, there is a perception that honey that crystallizes has “gone bad” or that it is a sign of contamination. No! It’s actually a sign of high quality honey. Don’t throw your crystallized honey out, unless you like to waste delicious food. Honey is a super-saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose. Since it’s super-saturated, it’s a natural chemical process that some of the sugars eventually come out of solution. Honey will even crystallize when it’s still in the comb.

You should store you honey in a dry place at room temperature with the jar securely sealed. Once opened you should store the honey in the same way.

Why choose us

Fresh Made

Standard honey is freshly made, 100℅ natural to keep you healthy

Stay Healthy

Every bottle of standard honey passes strict testing of international standards keeps you stay healthy

100% Natural

We delivers a supreme level of care and accuracy that makes any honeybee and customer proud.


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