No Chemicals . 100% Unrefined . No Heat

Chekku Oil is proven that it is the healthiest edible oil on the earth

cold pressed gingelly oil

Why to Use Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil?

  Using oil in daily cooking is inevitable. Oil is one of the important ingredients that supports in staying us...


Cold Pressed (Chekku) Gingelly Oil Pulling is Very Effective

Oil pulling is nothing but filling your mouth with oil, wash your mouth internally for atleast 30 seconds and do it...

cold pressed oil making

3 Popular Methods of Producing Cooking Oil in Today’s India

There are 3 popular methods of producing cooking oil in today’s India: 1. First one is Solvent Based – Very...

Why to switch from refined Oil to Cold pressed Oil? True reason..!

Cold Pressed Oil is not new to the people. Maybe it is new for the people who were recently got...

What is Cold Pressed Oil? How are Cold Pressed Oils Made?

Cold means the presence of low temperature especially in the atmosphere[1]. Cold refers to low or relatively low temperature when...

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